Frequently asked questions

Who are Will and Raph?

William and Raphaël are a couple living in the big city of Montreal. Here are the chronicles of their everyday life.

Is this true stories?

Yes! In fact, the stories are based on real events that we, our friends or our families have experienced.

Who are we?

Guillaume Morin (aka William) on the left and Mikhaël Bois (aka Raphaël) on the right.

Who does what?

We each write stories. Guillaume draws them and Mikhaël handles the internet stuff.

Who is it for?

The characters stories could happen to anybody. Several young people and also less young people are asking themselves if, one day, everything will be better and if they will be able to live an ordinary life like everybody they know. Is it just a dream to walk with the person we love without being afraid of what people might think?

We want to show it’s possible to experience insignificant moments, sad or really awkward, but always with a touch of humour, whoever you are.

What are your plans for the future?

We launched our first crowdfunding campaign for our first book!

You can now buy it anytime in our store.

Eventually, we would like to be more involved in events like comic conventions or LGBT events.

If you like our project and you would like to publish our stories in your language, on paper or invite us to an event, please don’t hesitate to write to us directly!

Let’s have a fabulously ordinary life together! ?