Episode 206 – A bit of context

Episode 206 - A bit of context

Before continuing the trip, here is some information that may be interesting to know.

Raph’s friend Lola is getting married to a nice guy named Raj. Lola is Canadian and Raj is Indian. Both are living in Calgary. As a stewardess, Lola allowed us to have discounted tickets to join them.

There we shared a house with Lola’s family and friends. There will be a crowd…

Their wedding takes place over several days. They’re going to have a traditional Indian wedding and a Canadian one too. In short, it’s three days of events.

After seven days in Calgary, we will rent a car and go through the Canadian Rockies to Nelson, BC, where we will spend the night.

Then we will take the road to Vancouver. To finally visit Connor!

It’s a big trip of about 12 days. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. One thing is certain however, it will be filled with new experiences.

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