Dungeons & Dragons

When I was younger, I had a friend in my class who told me he was playing “Dungeons & Dragons” with piece of paper and some dice. All their adventures were happening in their head. My eyes wide open, incredulous, it was pure madness for me. My brain couldn’t wrap itself around the idea of that game. Where were the board and the pawns? This vision of D&D stayed with me for a very long time. My friend Xavier (not his real name), that you can see in our comics, was also a big fan of the game when I met him in college. He was telling me what he was doing during the games and for me, it was just a big joke. At the moment, I just brush off the concept of that game from my head, until I listen to “Not Another D&D Podcast”.

Not Another D&D Podcast
Jake Hurwitz is a american comedian mostly known for his comedic sketches of “Jake and Amir” and his podcast “If I were you“. In this podcast, Jake mentioned at one point that he was going to start a D&D podcast with some of his friends, and since I thought Jake was cool, I didn’t understand why he would do such a thing… I decided not to listen to it, until my curiosity got the best of me, because of what he was saying about his other podcast about his D&D game. I thought I had nothing to lose to listen to it while I’m on the subway on my way to work. My God, I was hooked in a second! I listened to all the available episodes in a heartbeat and I’m looking forward to Thursdays when the new episode goes online. It’s my joy of the day. Jake Hurwitz, Brian Murphy, Emily Axford and Caldwell Tanner showed me I was wrong about that game and how much I missed not playing it. I loved it so much I started my own quest with Raph, Xavier and Max. If you want to listen to an excellent geeky podcast, a podcast full of funny moments, emotions, action adventures and lovable characters, I suggest listening to “Not Another D&D Podcast” on HeadGum.

Let me know what you think. 😉

— Will

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