Love, Simon – Review

“Love, Simon” tells the story of an ordinary American teenager with a family that he loves and good friends. It could be anyone you know.
On the other hand, he has a secret.

He is gay.

I quickly identified myself with the main character. He is keeping his secret to himself so that his life stays the same.

Following his journey, I relived some key events of my own life. At times I could have a huge smile and on others, my eyes were filled with tears.


You could feel the emotions through the characters, as if they were really living them.


I love that this movie is made for “families” and that it’s available in big movie theatres. It will help showing a positive message about what a gay person is, someone like anybody else.


“Love, Simon” gives me hope for a better future for all those young and not so young people out there that are struggling with a secret.


– Love, Raph

I saw ‘’Love, Simon’’. I laughed, I got angry, I got sentimental, I cried. Why did this movie got to me like that?


It’s because Simon is me. It was old feelings from my teenage years that were coming back up after years of being forgotten. Watching this young man fight with himself to come to terms with his homosexuality, I only wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that everything would be fine.


When you think about it, this movie doesn’t reinvent anything for romantic comedies, but it works. It feels good to see a feel good romantic comedy with a positive ending and made with a decent budget to go on the big screen once in a while.


Go see it, it’s worth it.


– Love, Will

We strongly recommend to check out this movie and talk to your friends about it, regardless of their orientation.

How can’t you love those guys? There’s even the adorable Keiynan Lonsdale who plays Kid Flash in “The Flash” 😍.

We give “Love, Simon”,  out of 5!

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