Klaus – Review

The first time we saw the teaser of Klaus a few years ago, we were already hooked!

The quality of the 2D drawing and animation simply blew us away!
A few years later and Netflix decides to fund the project of the Madrid small animation studio named The SPA Studios (Sergio Pablos Animation).

The movie is now available on Netflix and let’s just say that a few tears were shed! (Okay fine… several tears!)
The quality of the animation, the work of the actors and the story touched us a lot.
This is the kind of movie that we would have liked to see when we were young and that we will certainly show to our future kids.


We were sitting on our couch, eyes fixed on the screen.
At some point, we looked at each other and this is where we saw that we add a giant smile and big eyes filled with joy.

We strongly recommend this film for all ages. If you’re a child at heart, it is for you!

We’re giving “Klaus”, 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 on 5!

Happy holidays everyone! 🥰

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